Whether you need a specific component for a part of your project or a turnkey system, our professional team will guide you through the design and manufacturing process, from working-out the project specifications  to the final product assembly and packaging.

  • Working-out the project specifications: Identification of your needs and restrictions
  • Circuit drawing and design: With sophisticated software and computerized systems.
  • Programming: Whenever necessary, we develop the programs and software required to operate your circuits.
  • Prototype: Be it prototype for evaluation or a pre-production sample, our flexibility allows us to produce it rapidly.
  • SMT assembly: Our automated SMT assembly line is also very flexible, allowing us to alternate between small and large production to meet our clients’ needs promptly.
  • Thru-Hole assembly: Thru-hole assembly and wave solder.
  • Inspection, test and calibration: Our personal is always searching for quality. Each product is verified, calibrated and tested according to our high quality standards. Working with equipment such as our rotary lens stereo dynascope (3D system), our environmental test chamber and many other specialized equipments, circuits are tested under realistic conditions. 
  • Conformal coating application: When needed, circuits are coated with a conformal coating.
  • Enclosure assembly: If required, we will install the circuit in its final product assembly, an operation which generally improves overall quality by reducing risks associated with transportation and handling.
  • Electromechanical panel assembly: We offer electromechanical panel assembly services generally related to interface circuits.
  • Manufacturing of wire harness: We also offer automated wire cutting, stripping and marking, and wiring harness assembly services.
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